Become A Patron

Help support Falls City Comic Con by becoming a sponsor!

We would love to have you as our sponsor!  You can help show your support for Falls City Comic Con by going over to our official GoFundMe Page and donate there!  Every dollar we raise for this event helps make it that much more exciting!

If you do not wish to offer a financial sum to show your support, please contact us and make an offer of what you can do to help out.  For example, we would LOVE to have food vendors at our event.  We need t-shirts, flyers, and more.  Anything you can do to help show your support, we will return the favor.

Falls City Comic Con is all about community.  Community is important to us.

Banners offered on Falls City Comic Con
Small Banner - 180x150 square, and 468x60 horizontal rectangle
Large Banner - 160x600 tower rectangle, and 728x90 horizontal rectangle