Single Booth Spaces - 10ft x 10ft space, one 8ft x 30in table, two chairs, electricity, and up to two (2) passes.

Double Booth Spaces - 20ft x 10ft space, two 8ft x 30in tables, two chairs, electricity, and up to two (2) passes.

Additional passes can be purchased with special discount.

Total Spaces Available (Single Spaces ONLY) - 36 total at 10ft x 10ft
Total Spaces Available (Single and Double Spaces) - 28 at 10ft x 10ft and 4 20ft x 10ft.

An Artist booth is for artists and creators.  Style and content is only restricted to being "Safe for Public Display".  "Art" for the sake of this event will include prints, paintings, drawings, and caricatures.
Price – $30
Artist Apply Here

An Author and **Publisher booth is for those that sell their own books and comic books.  Publisher is one that publishes books and comic books for others, but does NOT sell other works from unaffiliated individuals or companies.
Price - $40
Author/Publisher Apply Here

A Vendor booth is for business owners and store owners who sell comics, action figures, and mass produced items.
Price – $50
Double Space - $90 (Limited)
Vendor Apply Here

Do you want to host a panel?
Panel Application

Do you want to help out, and volunteer at FCCC?  You volunteer for three (3) hours, and you get a free pass for the entire event.
Volunteer Application

All applications will be posted soon.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to email us at

* Please note that these are applications and will not guarantee you a booth at Falls City Comic Con. We will send out contracts to the provided email soon.