Sunday, July 2, 2017

State of the Con - COSplay Props

We have an announcement for all of you cosplayers!
As con goers, ourselves, we understand the importance of COSplay to a comic con.  We also understand the importance of props for your costume.  So we want to make a special announcement in regards to cosplay props, such as weapons.

We are NOT banning cosplay weapons props!  We will formulate a method to ensure check-in lines run smoothly, but also ensure the safety of all those that attend.  This will include "prop inspections" and "tagging"...which is pretty standard fare for the scene.

We understand that a prop weapon can literally make or break a cosplay.  Sometimes, that weapon IS the cosplay centerpiece.  We don't want to imagine COSplays like Thor without his hammer, Master Chief without his rifle, or an Orc from Warcraft without his axe.  Could you imagine Captain Cold without his cold gun!?  CRAZY TALK!

So, come July 2018, bring not only your cosplay, but bring your props!

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