Thursday, June 8, 2017

State of the Con - No Celebrities?

We have had a handful of questions about celebrities at our event, and why we don't have any plans to bring any in.  Well, I would like to explain the "why" to your questions.
Celebrity guests are great.  They provide an attraction to an event like Falls City Comic Con.  It draws fans in.  However, there is an issue with this.  The cost.  There are costs to having a celebrity appear at an event, and then there is additional costs tacked onto you, the attendee.  Photos (even if its a selfie on your OWN cell phone!), autographs, and "VIP Experiences" are additional expenses that you, the attendee have to pay for.  This digs into your already limited budget at the event.

The intent of FCCC is to not celebrate celebrities, but to celebrate the FANS!  We want you to feel like guests.  You pay for a ticket to be at the event, and then you will want to take photos, and buy stuff.  Come in your costumes, cosplay, or as yourself.  Get your photos taken with other fans, and cosplayers.  And what we here want to see happen is you spend your money on cool stuff at the vendor and artist booths!

Falls City Comic Con is going to be a true comic con.  Not a fan festival.  We want to get back to the roots of what a comic con was...a celebration of being a geek, or nerd!

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