Monday, March 20, 2017

State of the Con

Welcome to a new "State of the Con" post.  We have some pretty good stuff this week.
So, a lot has been going on.  We are still working on the final bits regarding the venue.  The date is solid, it is just that it is such a far extended date that things can be a bit touch and go.  All is anticipated with that.

We have been networking with vendors and artist, and we are very pleased to state that there is some solid interest in the event!  This is great, as Falls City Comic Con firmly believes that the artists and vendors that set up shop at any convention, or expo, are important to the health of the event.

Speaking of which...we have applications up.  Yes, we already have them up.  Please keep in mind that we may not respond immediately, but rest assured, we have received your applications!

We have the applications up already as a means to encourage, and engage our vendors, artists, authors, and others.  We want to know how much space will be used, and what we can promise our vendors, artists, authors, and cosplayers.

We have decided that we are foregoing celebrity guests for our first year.  This is official.  The reason for this is to maximize what funds we currently have can go into the event itself to better allow us to give a top notch convention to our attendees.  Don't worry, there is going to be MORE than enough to do at this event.  We will compensate for the lack of any "star attractions" with some pretty awesome "star attractions" of our own.

We have yet to put up any applications for Press/Media Passes at this time, as we will do so when the event closes in.  Expect a Press/Media Pass application by the end of this year, 2017.

That pretty well covers everything.  Further announcements will be made as time closes in.

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