Thursday, March 9, 2017

State of the Con - Our First Post

What started off as a dream, then turned into a couple questions, is now actually happening!  Welcome to the first blog post for Falls City Comic Con!

It is exciting to think that over the course of the next 12 or so months, a LOT is going to be happening.  We are working very hard to make July 28th, 2018 a reality for Falls City Comic Con.  In just a few days, we have already gotten so much done to get things out the door, that I am flabbergasted!

So far, we have generated a decently fair amount of immediate interest not just in the immediate community, but the Comic Con community, as well.

The thing to remember about Falls City Comic Con 2018 is that this will be our first year.  Because it is our first year, we want to come out of the gates modestly.  We don't want to overreach.  The one thing that I have seen in recent years from watching the convention scene is that cons fail because they reach out for way to much, way too soon.  We don't want to do that.  We want to start off small, and when 2019 rolls up, we will step up our game accordingly to bring a better convention.  Each progressing year will see the same result.

One important thing to remember about Falls City Comic Con is its name.  It is a Comic Con FOR Falls City, Nebraska.  A convention for the community.  We want to grow so it brings in people to the community that wouldn't generally come to our small town.  This is an event out of love not just for the nerdy/geeky community that I am a part of, but also the small town I call home.

Over the coming days, weeks, and months you will see news and information posted here.  Updates on applications for Artists and Vendors, guest announcements, and more.

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