Thursday, March 9, 2017

Available Space

We have gotten the measurements for the floor space!

As of right now, based on measurements, we will have a grand total of 36 10ft x 10ft spaces on the convention floor. 9 along the east and west walls (18), 2 rows of 6 in the center (12), two on the south entrance wall, and 4 along the north stage.  Each space will have one 8 foot long x 30 inch wide table, and two chairs.

We have a stage, and are still determining its purpose for our event. We are looking at either making this the COSplay Guest area, or doing something else. We will make announcements regarding its use a bit down the road when we have more details.

We also appear to have space for two panel rooms.  These two rooms should seat no more than 15 people, not including the speaker.  Due to the rooms being so small, there will be no need for audio equipment.

Regarding the available space that has just been announced, we will post applications for spaces soon. Those that may apply include Vendors, Artists, Fan Groups, and Authors. Space is very limited, and will be posting prices for the tables very soon.  Shortly after that, we will post the applications.

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